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Our Story

The Trail Blazers were officially a trail club starting back in the early 1900's. Pioneers to the area carved these trails - many of them ancestors of the current members of the club.

From foot - to horse - to atv - the Trail Blazers have been respecting the natural beauty of the Selkirk Mountains for years.

Today we work closely with the Forest Service, Local Logging Companies, Property Owners and Tourists to facilitate safe and responsible recreational activities on State, County and Forest Service roads.


The Trail Blazers do their part to help the community as well.

  • A dedication to helping small town businesses attract tourist money so vital to keeping the community alive.
  • Scholarships for our children to go to colleges.
  • Donations to the local food banks
  • Support Community Events like Down River Days  & Tri Town Float Down.
  • Donations and events for Cancer Victims and those in need in the community

We are members of a small community of three towns helping each other. We appreciate your support.

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Our Vision

We are not your ordinary ATV club. Do we have fun - OH YES! But we do more than that. We dedicate much of our volunteer time to preserving, protecting and helping the community of North Pend Oreille County.

Our Vision is to enjoy the trails of North Eastern WA State while doing something to preserve and protect those trails on every ride we do. We encourage drivers of all ages to contribute to each ride by doing a little something to help make the natural trails of the Selkirk Mountain Ranges healthy, safe and better than they were before.